Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer Equipment & Livestock Importer
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History of the Company

CV. Larissa is a private company which is engaged in livestock services and in cooperation with foreign companies, are officially the Distributors of Minitüb GmbH having factories at Hauptstraße 41, DE 84184 Tiefenbach, Germany, which manufactures equipment Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer to animals such as cattle, sheep / goats, swine's, horses and dogs.

In livestock services CV. Larissa has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the greatest expoters company in Australia called Lembiru Livestock Services Pty. Ltd. Beside that CV. Larissa were officially the Sole Agent of Hoken Agritech International Inc. having office at Toronto, Canada for supplying a cattle semen and embryo from Semex Alliance Canada.

Related with the artificial insemination CV. Larissa also as a sole agent of the cryogenic tank produced by Indian Oil Limited and Inox Limited from India and YDS Xinya from China.

CV. Larissa was established in 1992 based on notarial deed Resnizar Anasrul, SH No.2 dated November 19, 1992 as amended by deed No.7 dated May 10, 2010 and was approved by the State Court of Republic of Indonesia in its Decree No.1074 dated November 21, 1992. Last amended based on notarial deed Isa Meilia, SH, MKn No.9 dated May 29, 2010 and was approved by the State Court of Republic of Indonesia in its Decree No.43/An.Perb/2010/PN.DPK dated June 01, 2010.


Company goals and objectives are to assist the Animal Husbandry Department / Artificial Insemination Centers, Transfer Embryo Centers, Universities and Stockbreeder Entrepreneurs to provide equipment that support the success of the breeders to increase production in order to assist the Government in a complete program of Meat Sufficiency in Indonesia.

Company goal also to supply the best selection Bulls and Donor Heifer's to the Artificial Insemination Center to complete the government program of Meat Sufficiency in Indonesia.


• In Indonesia, we are the market leader in reproduction technologies for modern animal husbandry. Innovative spirit, expertise and the utmost quality standards make us unique.
• We enjoy our work.
• The wishes and satisfaction of our customers are our driving force. With our own research, development and production capabilities, we provide solutions that deliver measurable success.
• In partnership with our customers, we contribute to the sustainable production of healthy human food. Minitübe offers its team meaningful work and security, as well as the conditions for a favorable work climate and the possibility for individual development.
• We tackle new challenges with enthusiasm.

Our Golden Rules

• We treat each other with respect, fairness and tolerance.
• Our teamwork is based on helpfulness, mutual confidence and dependability.
• With friendliness, courtesy and openness we achieve a constructive communication.
• We act with foresight and sense of responsibility.
• Each individual contributes to the common success with commitment, motivation and expertise.

Licensing Company

• Trade Business License (SIUP): No.0059/10-27/PB/VI/2010 dated June 9, 2010.
• Import Permit (API-U) : No.102300185-P dated September 25, 2012.
• Company Registration (TDP): No. dated June 15, 2010.
• Permit Place of Business (SITU): No.503/327/Kpts/SITU-BPPT/V/2010 dated May 27, 2010.
• Tax Payer Registration Number (NPWP): No.01.611.727.7-412.000.
• Letter NPPKP: PEM-01533/WPJ.22/KP.0903/2010 dated June 01, 2010.

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