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The Lembiru group is based in Brisbane, Australia. Lembiru Livestock Pty Ltd is an established and successful Australian livestock exporter. It has a global client base, with many satisfied repeat buyers.

The principal activity of Lembiru Livestock Pty Ltd is live export, of dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats to various destinations across the globe As a holder of an Australian Government licence to export livestock, Lembiru Livestock is licenced to export sheep, cattle, buffalo. camels, deer, alpacas, goats and llamas by air end Sea. Depending on market requirements the company exports by sea, but specialises in airfreight. Lembiru one of the leading exporters of livestock by air from Australia and this specialist knowledge of livestock, combined with experience in logistics and airfreight allows the company to provide clients with a service unique in the industry.

The company is the leading exporter of small stock (sheep and goats) by air from Australia. Volume markets include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. The company is also a high volume exporter of dairy cattle by air. Regular sea cargo shipments 01 feeder cattle are also completed, principally to the companies feedlot partners in Luzon, Philippines.

Lembiru completes in excess of 50 deliveries by air each year. This includes full charters and fortnightly scheduled multiple pallet deliveries of sheep and goats. This high volume business, and constant market exposure has placed Lembiru at the forefront of knowledge and experience in all aspects of live export logistics. High volume usage of airfreight has also enabled Lembiru to offer clients the most competitive prices available in the market.

The experience and skills within the Lembiru learn cover every aspect of practical hands on
animal husbandry, technical and veterinary care, logistics and market exposure. This combined knowledge covers a period in excess of 45 years in the Australian livestock and agricultur& sector with equally extensive international market experience

Adam Armstrong B. Bus (agribusiness) has had significant experience in the sheep, cattle and grain industries throughout his career. He has spent over 20 yeas working in the livestock value chain, 14 years of which has been in livestock exports and international agricultural project management. He spent 5 years living and working in Asia where he Developed an intimate knowledge of the South East Asian livestock markets under the employ of the biggest feedlotting and dairying corporation in the region Adam’s detailed knowledge of the livestock Industry and international trade enables him to provide solutions which will meet the requirements of our customers anywhere across the globe.

Angus Grieve B. Nat Res Econ (agriculture) Comes from a sheep and cattle property in Western Queensland, and entered the live export industry in 2002 He has been exposed to a wide variety of export markets, including dairy cattle to China and the Middle East, Bos Indicus cattle to South East Asia and Wagyu steers to Japan. Following this Angus spent several years in the feedlot industry managing a large custom feeding portfolio throughout Northern Australia, supplying processors with grain-fed cattle for the domestic and export market Angus has extensive experience in the livestock supply chain, logistics and international trade

Senior Associates and Advisors
The Directors are supported by a team of senior staff and associates This includes veterinary advisor Dr John Armstrong, who had a career in excess of 40 years as a senior manager and veterinarian with the largest pastoral companies in Australia. He was directly responsible for the health and husbandry of a herd ii excess al 600000 cattle. His achievements included responsibility for planning and implementing a program which resulted in the eradication of brucellosis end tuberculosis from the Australian cattle herd. He was also a pioneer in Australian livestock exports to the Philippines and the Middle Fast

Other senior staff have many years experience in export documentation, finance and logistics. Their experience has allowed them to recognise the importance of fine detail in successfully completing live export contracts.
This combined practical livestock and export industry knowledge gives Lembiru a unique depth and strength in meeting the specifications and requirements of all clients

Adam Armstrong, supervising loading of an export consignment into air pallets


A very strong point of difference in the Lembiru operation is its ability to fully integrate every key element of the export chain This can only be achieved by a company with a total supply chain experience Lembiru is not a farming company exporting livestock, neither is it just a shipping company or freight forwarder. Lembiru offers long experience in all key elements — enabling it to offer clients a total farm gate to farm gate service.
Livestock Sourcing

Depending on the type of livestock required, Lembiru has three available sources of supply:

• From properties under management by Lembiru
• From joint venture operations with livestock breeders throughout Australia,
• From strategic alliances with large-scale producers and suppliers of sheep, cattle and goats.

Lembiru has its own export quarantine facilities where cattle, sheep and goats are prepared less than three hours from a major port. This level of integration enables Lembiru to closely manage
The selection and preparation of live stock, ensuring that the best possible quality is delivered to buyers.
Lembiru is able to meet the detailed specifications of all clients. Clients gain great benefit from the fact that Lembiru director. Adam Armstrong, lived and worked within the Asian livestock industries for in excess of five years and knows the exact conditions to which stock must adapt.
On many occasions international buyers may choose to visit Australia to select their own stock. They are welcomed and escorted by a lembiru director to seller’s farms on predetermined program arranged by lembiru.
Pre Shipmen Processing
Lembiru quarantines and prepares export condiment on a company owned property near Dalby in Queensland. The company also fully controls a dedicated quarantine depot near Shepparton in Victoria. These farms are within 3 hours of Brisbane and Melbourne international airports respectively.
Animals are source and must be delivered to these properties well before shipment dates. Health testing and other protocol requirements are completed, and constant monitoring allows Lembiru to detect and remove any unhealthy or problem animals.

Logistics and Delivery
Consignments fully cleared for export are transported to either the air or sea port, and enter the final part of the export chain including clearance by AQIS ( Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) veterinary officers.
Simultaneous with the final practical processes is the preparations of all documents and fairway bills or bills of lading. These documents cover both shipment related aspects, and contract and financial export documentary requirements. All documents are carefully checked by Lembiru staff.
All Lembiru shipments are accompanied by dedicated and experienced livestock attendants. ON arrival these people closely supervise unloading and final delivery to buyers and liaise with freight forwarders and customs agents on documentary matters.

Another key point of difference in the Lembiru operation is an insistence on close and transparent communication with all buyer and clients. This aspect is considered absolutely vital, and Lembiru directors and staff make themselves available on a24 hour basis to answer any client enquiries.
Livestock export can be a complicated and risky business, and from time to time problems will occur. The open communication maintained by Lembiru means that problems are quickly recognized, and every effort is made to quickly resolve all issues.
The long experience of Lembiru team members in living and working directly within the market place means that they understand the particular cultural and religious needs of some buyers. This knowledge and sensitivity further enhances the communication between Lembiru and its buyers.

The core livestock export business of Lembiru is supported by a range of professional and complementary agribusiness consultancy service.
The service range from farm planning and budgeting, feedlot management and design, animal health and nutritional advice to fully integrated “whole of supply chain” project management.
Lembiru currently manages several sheep, cattle and cropping properties throughout eastern Australia on behalf of clients, and assists domestic and investment analysis. This practical and technical knowledge can we applied to client projects in both Australia and overseas
The Lembiru team proven professional capabilities include assisting clients to develop full supply chain integration from the paddock in Australia to o final destination anywhere in the world. Adam Armstrong has directly managed cattle grazing and intensive feeding operations in Malaysia and the Philippines. Senior associates and technical staff have similar experience within the drier climates of the middle East.

Lembiru also supplies genetic material such as semen and embryo’s, and livestock health and husbandry equipment to complement all the types of livestock exported


  • Lembiru normally conducts all business a=on a CIF basis
  • Payment may be made by Telegraphic transfer or letter of credit in Australia Dollars on US Dollars
  • Lembiru has strong association with 3 major banks in Australia. These banks have a correspondent relationship with most client nominated banks.
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